Saturday, November 8, 2008

More on Phoenician Gods

Here are more Phoenician deities and how they map over to the D&D deities. Some of these are only outlined in the Dungeon Master's Guide, so you may not have seen them before. I suggest you print this, if you care about this kind of stuff.

Asmodeus Asmodeus Power, domination, tyranny
Avandra Shamash Change, luck, travel
Bahamut Bahamut (Tash god) Justice, honor, protection
Bane Anath War, conquest
Corellon Corellon (Shamar
Arcane magic, beauty, arts
Erathis Melqart

Civilization, laws, underground, Patron
God of Zor

Melora Yamm The Sea, wilderness
Moradin Kothar Creation, Artistry, Family
Pelor Baal Sun, summer, time, agriculture
Raven Queen Melqart Death, fate, winter
Sehanine Yarikh Moon, trickery, love, autumn
Tharizdun Seth (Badar god) Annihilation, Madness
Tiamat Tiamat (Tash god) Wealth, greed, vengeance
Torog Horon

Underdark, Good aspect revered by dwarves.
Also worshiped as god of slavery by evil underdark creatures.

Vecna Mot Death, secrets, necromancy
Zehir Ejo (Badar god) Darkness, Poison, Serpents

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