Sunday, November 9, 2008

About Thunderspire

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As told to you by Mayor Haroum:

Everything you have been taught about our history and geography is true. We guard the Southern route into our once great empire from Tash invaders. We guard the Western route from ogre tribes. And as you now know, we guard Shadowfell Keep from those who wish to open the portal and expose us to an otherworldly threat. There is another way into our lands that is not often discussed, it is gained from under the mountains.

To the south, at the top of the fertile valley, lies Thunderspire Mountain. You may know of the ancient watchtower, now abandoned, that observes the movement of the Tash armies on the other side, giving us advanced warning. What you probably don't know is that there is a way through Thunderspire. A great city was built within the mountain by a race of minotaurs during the ancient days. They kept the ogres in check, but also enslaved the Samarians, the southern coastal peoples. The Samarians once had a brilliant, learned kingdom while we were still picking olives and living in caves, but the minotaurs reduced the Samarians to simple barbarians. It is said not two bricks were allowed to sit upon each other when the minotaurs punished them for their rebellion.

The seat of power of the minotaurs within Thunderspire is now just a small trading post. It's called the Seven-Pillared Hall. The place is run by a group of powerful wizards, called the Mages of Saruun. They were once Phoenicians too, until they renounced our rules and were banished to the south. We are forbidden to trade with them, but somehow goods get through anyway. What's important now is that the mages maintain a balance of power within the mountain, including the deep labyrinth to the underdark, which also leads through the other side of the mountain to Tash. Be wary of these mages, and keep in mind that whatever happens, a balance of power needs to be maintained within their realm to protect us from this back door to our lands.

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