Sunday, January 6, 2008


Each city state of Labash as its own patron deity. The deity of Zor is Melqart.

Melqart, Son of Baal (Ruler of the Universe), God of Zor, King of the Underworld, Protector of the Universe symbolizes the annual cycle of vegetation and is associated with the female deity Astarte in her role as the maternal goddess.

Melqart's Temple in Zor has two pillars one of pure gold and the other of emeralds which shines brilliantly at night. Zorian coins show Melqart riding on a hippocampus (seahorse). The religion of Melqart is popular, and temples exist to him in areas where Zorians have settled around the realm.

Zorian clerics of all alignments worship Melqart. Some clerics choose to focus on Melqart's role as god of the underworld. Some focus on his role as sun god. Others focus on his role as patron of sailors or agriculture. There's something for everyone in the worship of Melqart and there is also great wealth within the temples.

Game Play: We'll track this god with one of the 4E gods. Those who want temporal, political power through organized religion will likely choose this god. Those out in the countryside, where the campaign starts, can make other choices.

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