Saturday, April 12, 2008

Waiting for Shadowfell

The Keep on the Shadowfell adventure is due out May 20th. I'm at the point where I really, really want to see some of the details. For example, a list of monsters would allow me to start painting or collecting miniatures. The town layout and notable NPC's might be useful in allowing me to avoid duplicating effort and would help me flesh out the town.

I figure there's probably a kernel of usefulness in the published town that I'll want to salvage before I go off and create my own. If this is the home base for the campaign, and I'm world building and not adventure writing, then that town should be very solid, with lots of NPC's and detail. It will certainly resemble a Phoenician town, so I have that in mind, but I'll have to decide where it goes from there, especially making it more fantasy oriented.

At the same time, we've got some very cool adventures for the end of the Iron Crown campaign. I've got at least two cool set pieces that need building. One may get shipped from a guy who built a set piece for his campaign but no longer needs it. I think we should have a little clearing house for such items. I certainly don't want these things when I'm done and they represent many hours of construction.

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